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Have a couple of minutes? Learn a little something about Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry.

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Carrot or stick?

The age old question in the modern organisation.


A brief introduction to the purpose of coaching and how to do it, produced by Skill Boosters

Planning with uncertainty

How can you plan when the future is uncertain? The skill all businesses need in a world that changes every year.

Why you should ask appreciative questions

Appreciative Inquiry hinges on the power of the question - a well placed question makes people think in a way that telling them something just doesn't. Here's why.

What is organisational culture?

What does organisational culture really mean, how is it manifested, how does it affect behaviour which in turn reinforces the prevailing culture? 

How to work with skeptics

Just some thoughts on how to deal with skeptics of appreciative interventions from my experience of working with organisations.

What is an appreciative approach to change

Real change is difficult, lasting change is difficult, both require employees to be engaged with the change of their organisation. How do you get all these things? By working with the human factor, not against it. See how an appreciative approach can help you do this.

how we talk about problems in appreciative inquiry

I find many clients are initially doubtful about the effectiveness of talking about success rather than the problem or issue which is on their mind. It sometimes takes them a while to realise that coming at a problem from the 'imagine how much better things could be' angle is more effective than 'this is a terrible situation to be in' approach. To see how a problem is solvable you need to look at how the organisation has solved other problems, not least to have the belief that it can be solved.

change is not a big bang, it's many small moments

People are often disappointed when organisational change doesn't happen immediately - 'we had the meeting, we paid the consultant, why isn't everything different?'. The truth is, change happens gradually and needs nurturing.

A day in the world cafe

World cafe is a powerful tool to harness the collective knowledge of a workforce. By recreating the experience of a casual cafe lunch it allows employees to freely express their feelings and ideas about how their organisations can work better, building up to concrete ideas for change and improvement in their organisation.