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The Positivity Zone - Interview with Sarah Lewis

Talking to tom evans on the zone show

In this interview Sarah gives more of an introductory tour of Appreciative Inquiry and how it is useful to really understand what an organisation actually is - messy people and their relationships rather than neat org charts!


Making Positive Psychology Work - Interview with Sarah Lewis 

An interview with michelle on her podcast

In this podcast Sarah talks to Michelle McQuaid in Australia via telephone on themes of change and how positive psychology can be used to co-create change and arrive at a better outcome for the organisations concerned. 


Shop Floor - Smart Management: Don't encourage your employees to wear their stupid hats!

podcast from share radio's shop floor programme

In this podcast Sarah talks to Nick Peters about how she believes poor management encourages employees to put on their ‘stupid hats’ when they come to work. She outlines how smart managers can access the intelligence that their workforce brings to work every day, and encourage them not to switch it off.


Positive Organisational Development Tools

podcast Recorded and produced by joe dager's business 901

In this podcast Sarah is interviewed once again by Joe Dager, a longstanding exponent of better management in business, about how she is invited into organisations, how Appreciative Inquiry begins the moment you enter the building and how she developed her new Positive Organisational Development Cards as a tool to use in her own work. Joe suggests a couple of ways he thought of to use them and reveals that he discovered a few things about himself - he won't say what though!

You can find the original hosting of this podcast and subscribe to hear more from Business 901 here


Appreciative Inquiry For Performance Management - An Introduction

webinar Produced and recorded by Octopus HR

‘I found it found it very informative, with a lot of very useful tips and advice on how to make performance objectives a more positive and effective experience for the employee/employer and the organisation. I’ll be sharing this with other Managers and Directors in the company.’
— Katrina McDonald Service Delivery Director at HighNet Telecoms
‘I found you most knowledgeable in your approach to presenting and think my Managing Director would benefit greatly from hearing and seeing the information in its entirety.’
— Madeleine Roberts, Buyer and HR Administrator, Unrivalled Detection.