What We Do


We work with organisations that want to change how they work. Drawing on modern twenty-first century change approaches we help you energise people into co-creating change with you, saving you time and money.  

We do this using several techniques, including Appreciative Inquiry, that help people see change as something they can influence. This means they can become your partners in change rather than the source of problems to be overcome.


A Strengths-based Approach

We bring a strengths-based approach to all our interventions at an individual, team or organisational level, helping you release the untapped potential of individuals, teams and the whole organisation.

This approach recognises that superb performance comes from using our unique strengths both individually and collectively.

We work by helping you to identify, develop and increase your unique and collective strengths, using these to overcome weaknesses.

At the individual, team and organisational level, a focus on strengths delivers results. We have been showing organisations how to do this for over fifteen years.

A co-creative strengths based approach to changing organisations has several advantages over a top-down approach:

1.  It makes the change more likely to actually happen - if staff have real input, there is no reason to resist the change

2. It makes the change more sustainable - as the energy to change is largely self-generated

3. It makes the change more motivating -  people want change if they really believe it will be for the better

4. It makes the change more successful - early involvement means there are less unexpected problems later on

The consultancy we offer at Appreciating Change, and the learning & development tools and in-house change support packages we provide, reflect our approach to change; they are positive, engaging and involve the whole group we are working with to help make the change not only effective but sustainable. If members of the organization or team aren't part of the change from the beginning then it might not even get off the ground - and it won't be half as effective. 

 If you and your organisation need this kind of help with change please ring 07973 782715 or email jemsmith@acukltd.com to arrange for a free 30 minute initial consultation.

Some examples of Sarah explaining how our approach to change works